**All deposits are non-refundable**

The remaining balance can be paid in cash on the date of appointment.

We are located in Canarsie (Brooklyn,Ny)

Phone : (347)845-4984

*Please text/call with name and/or appointment time after sending payment to confirm your payment was received*

All graphic designs are subject to additional fee if change is needed after customer has expressed that they are satisfied with the order or “approved”. Hand drawn logos go through a 3 phase process.

“Sketch”, where we sketch out the logo to your liking. This is where you make changes to where you would like different aspects of your logo to be placed.

“Color”, where we place colors. This is when you can let us know if any color changes are needed.

“Shading” where we place shading and textures to bring your artwork to LIFE.

Each phase requires approval. If in any event after approval of any phase has already been approved and you would like to go back and change something, you are subject to an additional fee.